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Keep It Safe

If you have high value items such as jewellery, watches, passports, credit cards, computer data and identification documents, you may want to consider storing them in a safe. 

1. Insurance

Home safes can come with insurance ratings, make sure you get a safe according to the type and value of items designed to be placed inside, so check with your insurance company first to ensure the safe that is adequately covered.


2. Fire Rated Safe

We also recommend opting for a fire rated safe. We suggest safes that are made with fire-protective material according to DIN 4102 & tested and ECB•S/VdS monitored security. The fire rated safes have double-walled  construction and composite insulation in the front door providing heat protection for the locks and bolts. 

2. Where to Position a Safe

Make sure you position the safe carefully so it won't be easily discovered. Don't place it in your bedroom as this is the first place an intruder will look. Be sure to effectively secure your safe by bolting it to a wall or floor.


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