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Door Security

Doors and windows are the easiest point of entry. That is why is it important to have doors and windows secure as possible. Follow our advice and help keep potential burglars out.

1. Euro Profile Locks

Whatever property you are trying to protect, your front door will always tell a thief the levels of security surrounding your home. If it looks really secure and burglar-resistant, then they’ll think twice about trying to gain entry. We recommend your door has BS1 or BS3 anti-picking door euro profile locks. A Secured by Design approved product - the official UK police security initiative. Recommended by the police & insurance companies.

Sterling euro door cylinder BS1 Lock 01.jpg

2. Deadlocking Night Latch

A simple turn of a double-locking night latch gives you added security and peace of mind.

3. Door Chain

Lockable hardened security door chains are ideal for apartments or entrance doors. Perfect for when you are not expecting company and answer the door to an unknown visitor. 


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