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Key Safe

Secure the access to your property with a Key Safe. Key Safes allow 24 hour access to keys, ideal for only providing access to those you trust when you are not at the property.

1. Where to put the Key Safe

The 4-digit, individually adjustable combination with 10,000 different codes possible, making it next to impossible for an intruder to access. Although, this does not stop the intruder from trying to damage your property from banging the key safe off of the wall. So we recommend you don't place the key safe in view of people passing, for example behind a pot plant, around a corner or in a porch.


2. Can't see the combination?

When its dark and hard to spot the combination, we highly recommend getting a light up combination key safe.

3. Push Button Key Safes

If you have a push button key safe, over time remember to check if any numbers look worn. When it starts to look worn, instead of purchasing a brand new key safe, change the code using new numbers. 


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